JO Siffert

started the tradition

The rare footage above shows the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1967 with winners A.J.Foyt and Dan Gurney as well as the 2 litre class winners Hans Herrmann and Jo Siffert 


Jo Siffert 1971 Zeltweg Champagne.jpg

Winning Austrian Grand Prix 1971

Many say that it was Dan Gurney who started the tradition. That isn't completely wrong as he was part of the initial moment.

Here's what really happend:

Dan is drinking from the Moët & Chandon Magnum and then hands it over to Jo Siffert.


Jo attempts to drink but the champagne - being under pressure from the handling - spills all over him at that exact time.


Laughter is the reaction and so it came that Seppi gave the spectators their share of the sparkling wet in a mischievously revenge. By now, the whole podium sprays frantically around in cheers.

Remember, Jo Siffert started the tradition of spraying Champagne on the podium