Route Neuve Revival

In honour of Jo Siffert, family, friends and mechanics, his garage on the Route Neuve has come to life! 

Original at Givisiez.jpg

The original work will be exhibited at the Jo Siffert Memorial in Givisiez until 17.12.2021. 

Get your own Jo Siffert Garage

Currently, the following reproduction options are available:

  • 2.0m * 0.66m Canvas on wooden frame

  • 1.5m * 0.5m   Canvas on wooden frame 

High quality panels are available in different sizes:

  • 3 * 1m

  • 6 * 2m

  • 9 * 3m

  • 12 * 4m

  • 16 * 5m 

Contact me if you are interested. Thanks you!


11.10.2021, Route Neuve 4, Fribourg


An almost original size installation is on display at the original location in the city of Fribourg until end of January 2022!

Jo Siffert Garage Reopening 11.10.2021
Finally Ready
Veronique Siffert in her 911
Veronique Siffert and her Husband Oliver de Sybourg
Nuccio, Eliane, Véronique, Oliver, myself
René Ragonesi & Véronique Siffert
Laurent, Jaco, Agnès & Tutu
Montage by


25.9.2021, Iffwil

On September 25th 2021, my 2 x 6m work was presented for the first time.


The Three Musketeers

Michel Piller

Nuccio d'Urso and André Marti

2021-09-25-Vernissage-3 Musketiere.jp2
2021-09-25-Vernissage-Philippe Siffert.jp2

Very honoured to welcome Philippe Siffert at the Vernissage

time lapse

178 hours spent on 48 evenings during a period a two month